Restlessness -- 5/29/02

Lego dude

My annual pilgrimage to the Magic Kingdom always brings me mixed emotions. I love spending time away with my family and also love to take off work. But there are some downsides.

For one thing, I always have to do so much as far as tying up work matters. Had to burn the midnight oil and then some, working up until a few hours before my flight. I couldn't even get a last surf in (it was small anyway, but some sour grapes are showing).

While away, I spent a full week without email or newsgroup access--that's a record for me! Funny thing was I didnít miss it as much as I thought I would. Did give a buzz to NeoN who graciously invited me to a surf (it was family time so I declined).

Of course, I kept thinking about riding waves. Read a hell of a lot of surf mags (five, to be exact) and one offbeat novel written by a surfer ("Cosmic Banditos" by Allan Weisbecker). Saw a few news flashes on TV about the weather and surf forecasts.

Driving down to San Diego, I got the odd chance to peek at the coastline. Surf was small, but there were some black suits bobbing in the lineups at San-O (like there invariably are).

Just like last time, I found these little images of surfing at the theme parks--after all, it is Southern Cal. All the little surfing cues made me just a tad anxious on the trip.

Soarin' Over California visits Malibu

The parallels of waiting in a line for a ride and jockeying in a moving procession were pretty similar to surf lineup etiquette. Some of the rides (most notably the Boomerang at Knott's) gave me the same sensations as some bodyboarding maneuvers. But their structure and safety and predictability always pale in comparison with the real thing.

In the end, our family vacation was a rousing success. It was a little cold for our thin Hawaiian blood (65-70 degree highs), but fun nonetheless. We're back home, eating our good Hawaiian-kine food and sweating in the muggy, hot conditions.

There's just one more thing to do to rid myself of the restlessness--get some surf!

Aloha from another Paradise,