Take What You Can Get -- 4/27/02

Warpy Lighthouse

Hoping to get a little bit more of the swell, I did a short dawn patrol to Lighthouse. Conditions were really funky, with the swell looking fragmented and slightly blown.

Still, Lighthouse almost always puts out some juice, and if you got the right one, you could find some "power pockets."

Some people in the lineup weren't too familiar to me (maybe it's been a long winter that's why). Some of them obviously understood the complex lineup because they managed to snag some of these set waves. To be honest, I like being the top dog in the lineup, but my surfing and lineup skills weren’t up to snuff on this day.

Anyway, it was still way fun with some speed runs despite the chop.

However, I just knew it would be better in a few days when the swell was forecast to amplify and smooth out. I guess you just have to take what you can get and be satisfied.

Aloha from Paradise,