Sliced -- 9/15/02

Buddy, doing some slicing of his own

Longboarded Diamond Head with Rich and Bud. Session was mediocre.

Halfway through, I did a classic knucklehead maneuver. After a tumble over the inside reef, I kicked my feet instinctually to try to get to the surface. I knew that was a dumb thing to do since the reef there has holes and coral heads. I consciously knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did anyway.

Foot hit the reef. I sliced the ball of my left foot. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Kept riding though. Didn't feel much pain; more a slight discomfort when standing up.

I realized it was a little worse than what I thought when I walked up the trail barefoot. Auwe! Ended up picking out gravel and sand and dirt with tweezers and hydrogen peroxide.

Lesson learned--gotta be careful, even in pretty mellow conditions. Reef is reef. Ride carefully.

Limping at work now. Great war story.

Aloha from Paradise,