Mortals at Makaha -- 10/18/02

It was pretty good

Date: October 18, 2002
Time: 0900-1100
Spot(s): Makaha
Conditions: Slight onshore and mostly sunny
Swell: Huge, somewhat disorganized northwest pounded the North Shore; medium wrap on the Westside
Surf: 3 to an occasional 6 feet Hawaiian scale

Words: Since the North Shore was too big for mere mortals, we headed west. After deliberating for a long time, finally decided on longboarding Makaha. I had a low wave count, but caught some really long ones, including one big one that was so choppy and rippled that I had to slap the longboard up and down just to negotiate the ride. Jack got his share on his tanker too, scoring some long rides. Best ride I saw was by Dino Miranda, who scored this great wall, but just couldn't get around the bowl. Good fun.

Rights were longer, but there were a few lefts to be had

Racing to the channel

Aloha from Paradise,