With Tower-- 11/3/02

Me using 8' of rail at Backdoor, Davis foto

Date: November 3, 2002
Time: 1430-1730
Spot(s): Pipeline/Backdoor
Conditions: Moderate tradewinds (mostly offshore) under fairly sunny skies
Swell: Lingering wnw swell
Surf: Pipe-2 to an occasional 4' Haw'n scale

Words: Hooked up with Davis (aka Tower7 of alt.surfing), along with Buddy and Makani at Ehukai. We decided to head out to the very busy Pipe/Backdoor area. Surf was small, but in the fun category, with some nice ones coming through on occasion. Davis was very enthusiastic and stoked to be in Hawaii. I was riding my longboard, and had more than a few wipeouts, but still had a good time with friends, both old and new.



Tower 7 (aka Davis)

Aloha from Paradise,