Glassy Rocks -- 11/10/02

Buddy, light on his toes

Date: November 10, 2002
Time: 0600-0900
Spot(s): Rocky Point
Conditions: Dead calm wind and sunny
Swell: pronounced swells from both wnw and nnw
Surf: 2-4' Haw'n with some bigger ones

Words: Was envious of Buddy's recent scoring of perfect Rocky's, so I had to give it a try (Pipe hasn't been very good so far). Swell didn't arrive, so it was small, but conditions were just so pretty with no wind. The crowd was pretty horrendous--smaller waves tend to bring out more people. Estrogen bomb was hitting Rocky Lefts with lots of girls out. Buddy and Rich and Jack all got some good waves. I scored some really neat tubes. On one of my last waves, Buddy backed off the shoulder and allowed me to backdoor a small section into a dry tubelet. Sweet!


Aloha from Paradise,