Blown Call-- 1/5/03

Started off at the right

Date: January 5, 2003
Time: 0730-1000
Spot(s): Tracks Conditions: Onshore winds, fair crowd
Swell: Big NW (buoy #1 around 17', 17 sec)
Surf: Solid wrap on the Westside, 3-to-nearly-5' Haw'n

Words: A huge northwest was slamming the island, but with it came a cold front that was going to switch the winds to the northwest. Watched the weather readings and decided to chance the Westside. Bad call with the winds turning and picking up strength at dawn. Ended up at blownout Tracks, where I caught a few in the messy conditions. Tried my hand at the main peak on the left after watching some bodyboarders score some great rides, but I couldn't figure it out (had to sit in the pit and chance the walls that were pushing over the inside sandbar). Buddy guys left and scored some great waves on the northeast side of the island.

Ended at the main peak

Aloha from Paradise,