H1-H2-H3 -- 1/19/03

Looking inside on the inside

Date: January 19, 2003
Time: 0830-1030
Spot(s): "Eastside Sandbar"
Conditions: Light offshores, building crowd
Swell: Big NW (buoy #1 maxing at 20', 17 sec.)
Surf: Eastern wrap, 2-3+' Haw'n

Words: On encouraging early morning wind reports, I headed out to the North Shore, hoping to catch the swell before it got too big. Winds were OK, but the swell was pretty gnarly. Headed west to meet Buddy and Rich, but when we got to our target spot, we found it smallish and onshore. So we got back in our cars and headed east, hoping to find some offshore conditions. Finally found it and had a decent time out. We all went to different peaks, but eventually all ended up with Buddy on this neat inside wedge that pitched nicely. Probably clocked over 160 miles on my minivan on all three major freeways. The things we do for good surf.

Backlit Buddy on the inside sandbar

Aloha from Paradise,