One Year Ago -- 2/4/03

Pipe was sweet; the other places wasn't quite this good

Date: February 4, 2003
Time: 1130-1300
Spot(s): Rocky Point and Ehukai
Conditions: Windy and sunny
Swell: Solid WNW (buoy #1 around 8', 14 sec.)
Surf: 3-5'+ Haw'n

Words: After taking a bunch of shots at the bodyboarding championship, I decided to do a little sponging before work. Walked down to Rocky Point just to get away from all the action at the Beach Park. Got pounded on the paddle out, and found that the waves were pretty consequential. Caught one wave that I weakly straightened out on. Meandered back to Ehukai and hooked up with some Big Island bodyboarders. Caught one good wave at Gums, but caught a rail on my way out of the tube. Just one year ago, I entered this contest. Now it seemed like my skills have deteriorated to below mediocrity. Sigh. At least I can still take pictures.

Aloha from Paradise,