Stuck! -- 3/22/03

Some call it karma. Note whitewater at point in background where I was sponging.

Date: March 22, 2003
Time: 1200-1300
Spot(s): Somewhere in Hau'ula
Conditions: Trades, empty lineup
Swell: Windswell
Surf: 1-2' Haw'n

Words: Went to a beachhouse with my family and brought the bodyboards for the kids to play with. Found a rocky point that actually had some neat wedges. Had a really good time riding over some coral heads in front of a rocky shelf. Waves were small, but had a decent push to them. The slight danger factor added a bit more excitement to the impromptu session.

Later in the evening a truck got stuck in the sand while trying to pull up a jetski (that was illegally riding around the area). I initially had no sympathy for him, but it got ridiculous when the tide started rolling in. Our group tried to help, but it was stuck up to both axles with the tide washing under. After maybe three hours and countless tries to pull out with other trucks, they finally managed to get it out with a towtruck winch.

Aloha from Paradise,