False Alarm -- 7/2/03

Two at Threes

Date: July 2, 2003
Time: 1430--1530, 1600--1700
Spot(s): Threes, Lighthouse
Conditions: Light-moderate offshore trades, decent crowd both places
Swell: False alarm south swell
Surf: 1-2' and 2-3' Haw'n

Words: Buoy #2 was pinging solid at 6' 17 seconds, so we had high hopes for a good session. On a lark, Buddy, Rich and I decided to check out Threes in Waikiki. Surf was disappointingly small, mostly navel-high with the usual mental crowd. After floundering around for a while, we decided to cut our losses and go somewhere else.


Ended up at Lighthouse, which was crowded and had a strong cross-wind. Surf was definitely bigger there, but way more chaotic with the chop and windswell mix. I had a few late drops, but nothing special. In no time flat, I had to leave.

These south swells are so wishy-washy. Can't wait for winter.

Aloha from Paradise,