Independence Day -- 7/4/03

Cousin Kim goes at windblown D-Head

Date: July 4, 2003
Time: 0515--0700, 0930--1030
Spot(s): Bowls, Cliffs
Conditions: Light-moderate offshore trades, not too bad crowd at both places
Swell: Ebbing south with some tradewind wrap
Surf: 2-3' and 2-3'+ Haw'n

Words: My cousin Kim was coming over from the mainland for a family wedding, and wanted to surf. "Shoots!" I told her. We planned to meet at eight, so I decided to jump in the water early.

I was tripping at how crowded the parking lot was at 5 in the morning. People looked like they were camping out near the Ilikai. It took me a while before I realized that they were actually staking out their territory for that evening's fireworks display off of Magic Island. Such dedication!

Paddled out to Bowls, hoping to beat the crowd. Caught a few fun ones before the regulars got on it. The darkness is neat since people can't recognize anyone so they are a little more giving. I guess once people saw who I was (and the way I looked/surfed), they became a little more "assertive."

In any case, I got a few really fun ones on my backside. It was a good way to stretch out. Went in and buzzed my cuz. Grabbed some snacks and went to visit her in her hotel.

In typical Kagawa fashion, Kim was a bit weary from the revelry from the night before. We just hung out and talked story while waiting for Michelle, another cousin of mine, and Clayton, a friend of Kims, to arrive.

Once everyone had gathered together, we headed out to Diamond Head for a short surf. It was windy out there, but markedly bigger than Bowls. The girls had a tough time getting their bearings--the cross-swell at Diamond Head can be confusing--but they eventually tagged a few beauties. It was good surfing with them, because you could tell just by their mannerism in the lineup (like duck-diving and positioning) were that of surfers comfortable in the ocean. I neva need worry about them.

As for me, I caught some fun ones. On one of my last waves, I even got somewhat of a veranda in a nice righthand bowl. Went in kind of early to relax and prepare for our Independence Day party that eve. Hope to hook up with Kim and Michelle again somewhere down the road.

Aloha from Paradise,