East Peaks -- 7/12/03

Longboarder with Diamond Head on the horizon

Date: July 12, 2003
Time: 0515--0715
Spot(s): Lighthouse
Conditions: Light offshore trades, regular crew
Swell: Almost no south swell
Surf: 1-2' Haw'n

Words: No surf expected; none found. Pre-dawned it to Lighthouse and paddled out with some of the boys. Looked like there were some tiny south lines coming in, and for a while, there were a few waist-high lines. However, the waves soon ebbed into a long lull. Eventually the waves came back in the form of east peaks. They looked tempting, but really didn't afford much in the way of rides. Although it wasn't the best of sessions, getting in the water was still way better than not surfing at all.

Aloha from Paradise,