Landmarks -- 8/30/03

Positioning is everything

Date: August 30, 2003
Time: 0515--0745
Spot(s): DHLH
Conditions: Medium sideshores and typical crowd
Swell: Fair south with a firm tradewind wrap
Surf: 1-3+' Haw'n

Words: My daughter's birthday, so I made it a quick one. Surf was supposed to come up due to a late-season south. Walked down the path super-early with no moon to guide me. A couple of fishermen had a fire going on the beach, which helped me get my bearings once I made it to the lineup. There were a few overhead sets, but it was mostly inconsistent chest-high stuff. Because of the wind and current, had to make sure that I maintained position in the lineup. Worst thing was that a whole slew of waveriders (20 at the maximum) were out, jockeying for the sets. I managed to snag one big set which shut down halfway through the inside reef. Still it was a nice confidence booster for me on the shortboard.

Aloha from Paradise,