Adieu Alex -- 10/26/03

Alex in the dark at Pipe

Date: October 26, 2003
Time: 0545 -- 1000
Spot(s): Pipeline/Rocky Point >br>Conditions: Light offshore winds, medium crowd
Swell: Clean NNW Surf: 3-6' Haw'n

Words: Hooked up with Alex again. Went out in the dark and scored some glassy waves before the crowd got ridiculous. Alex was so stoked, saying that he got seven rides. I was happy for him, since I knew catching some good waves at Pipe would be a memorable thing for him.

We were supposed to meet up with my friend from Japan and with Buddy, so we came out of the water at around 7. Kohei was MIA, but Buddy was enroute, so we waited for him to arrive.

Buddy reported that the surf on the "downside" wasn't all that good. Buddy told Alex and me to go out to Pipe again, offering to shoot a few waves. However, Alex insisted that we go out and surf together--hanging out with us was more important than getting a photo or two. So we headed to Rocky Point for round two.

Surf was borderline closing out there, but looked so beautiful, especially with no crowd out on many peaks. We were out there!

Surf was so clean out there with all of us getting some good waves. I can't speak for the others, but I got drilled on a couple of sets, spending maybe 20 minutes getting out on a nonstop set.

Buddy conked his head on his board halfway through and elected to relax on the beach. He even took some shots from shore, which I greatly appreciated.

Had to say goodbye to Alex. I think his visit was very memorable to us all, especially for Alex and his family.


...made it out of the tube after this last pic was taken!