"Hum-ha" -- 4/10/04

Photo coming soon

Date: April 10, 2004
Time: 0715 -- 0915
Spot(s): Kaisers
Conditions: Offshore with a typical Town crowd
Swell: Tiny SSW swell with maybe a touch of windswell wrap
Surf: 1-1.5' Haw'n

Words: My work friend John was again in town and he wanted to hook up for a surf. I was really yearning to go to the North Shore, but the winds were forecast to be 25-30 mph and onshore. Decided to try our luck in Town.

After an initial check at Diamond Head, we decided to instead head over to Kaisers. Although the surf was only waist-high, the winds were offshore and the sun was out. Kaisers is a bit of a tricky wave, but can be really fun. I felt like I was in a little area where the wave backed off. A bit frustrating but all part of the learning experience.

John scored some pretty good lefts on his Takayama Pope-Bisect. I caught a few fun ones with my shortboard.

Always a pleasure talking story with John. Having lived in Hawaii for many years, he actually knows a lot of "old-school" pidgin phrases that I've never heard of like "hum-ha" (stinky). His accent has long been "haolefied," but he still has the kama'aina soul.

We came in refreshed and all smiles. Wasn't so hum-ha after all.

Aloha from Paradise,