Windansea 2 (SD) -- 6/4/04

Clean and fun!

Date: June 4, 2004
Time: 0500 -- 0800, 1300 -- 1430
Spot(s): Windansea, La Jolla
Conditions: Light side/onshores, typical busy, diverse crowd
Swell: A little inconsistent from the ssw
Surf: 6-10'+ California scale (faces)

Words: Considering the excellent conditions the day before, I was surprised that I was the first person stretching on the beach at 5 AM. I had already done my 7-11 run and was waiting patiently for a bit more light before jumping in. The surf seemed to have dropped a bit, but it was still looking great (maybe the low tide had something to do with it).

Jumping into the water, I found it cool, but not even cold. As soon as I got outside, I noticed a ripple heading towards me from the north. Didn't look sharkish, but it still got my blood going. Soon realized that it was a seal, cruising just underwater. Whew!

Surf was really glassy in the predawn. It really helps to know the spot, especially where the soft spots are. Thankfully, my memory of the place was returning and as it started getting brighter, I used visuals more than just going by feel.

After two or three waves, the rest of the crew started drifting out. Soon afterwards, my buddy Bill Andrews made it out, sporting a kneeboard and stylish hat. He gave me his usual greeting--hassling me in front of the crew.

Despite the crowd, I had another fun session, picking off some of the medium-sized set waves. Got some fun lefts actually, with one burner through to the inside.

Wanted to stay out, but I had a couple of meetings scheduled. Didn't want to overdo it anyway, so I left to clean up and check out of the hotel.

After my meetings, I found myself with a bit of time before my flight out, so I jumped back in again. Conditions had deteriorated from earlier on, with a semi-onshore breeze flowing. The afternoon crowd was a bit more agro, so I just decided to take it easy.

No real special waves, but it was good exercise and great way to end the day. Returned the boards to Mitch and thanked him profusely for the deals he gave me.

Already looking forward to going back later this summer. Windansea feels like a home away from home.

Aloha from Paradise,