Contest at Courts 1 (Top Three Advance) -- 6/19/04

Surf contest sans the surf

Date: June 19, 2004
Time: 0700 -- 0800, plus a 15 minute heat
Spot(s): Courts
Conditions: Light winds, contest crowd
Swell: Inconsistent with tiny southerly pulse and slight windswell
Surf: 1- 1.5' Haw'n

Words: As a treat to Father's Day, I was allowed to enter a surf contest. Another one of them longboard/retro contests so it was all fun. Jumped in the water to get reacquainted with the Ala Moana Courts lineup. Everyone around me was catching waves, but I just couldn't line myself up. Caught one inside micro-set then made my way in.

My friend Reid was running the contest and he slid me into a couple of divisions. In return, I helped out at the contest, helping score the judge's sheets. It's pretty fun hanging around the competitive environment, especially since I have no worries about points or sponsors.

I ended up having only one heat that day, for the good fun "You Somebody" division of models, movie stars, photographers and writers. I still have a bit of apprehension just before any heat, and this time was no exception. However, I quickly relaxed once I realized that the six-man heat would only have three contestants, with the top three advancing to the finals.

With that, I took a decidedly laid back approach. Not that it mattered--my competitors probably would've smoked me anyway.

Conditions were pretty dismal, with only a couple of chest-high waves coming through the heat. I got one average wave, but not much else. But it was all good.

Reid decided to cut the day short in the hopes that a small south would come in the next day. Which worked out perfectly for me since I had a Father's Day dinner to attend. Went out and got fat (it's called carbo-loading), in preparation for the finals.

Aloha from Paradise,