Justin's Board -- 6/25/04 (534)

Justin testing the entry rocker on my board

Date: June 25, 2004
Time: 0745 -- 1000
Spot(s): Pali's, dhlh
Conditions: Firm winds, light crowd
Swell: Fairly inconsistent with mostly windswell Surf: 1- 3' Haw'n

Words: Met up with Justin at "Pali's" for a little bit of shortboarding fun. Conditions were pretty lousy, with strong winds slicing up the swell. We got a few out there, but realized it wasn't really happening, so we moved over the Lighthouse.

Surf there was quite a bit better; less windy, and less crowded. Right off the bat, I scored a really nice wall from the outside all the way to the inside reef. Still can't make a commited roundhouse, but I'm working on it.

Partway through the session, we decided to trade boards. I was surprised to find that I actually felt comfortable on his board (6'4", 18.5" Wade Tokoro). I realized that I might not need to have a hybrid/funboard template anymore.

Justin had a little bit tougher time adapting to my board. The entry rocker is just different and he couldn't seem to get the hang. Still, he had fun.

The waves sometimes looked like they were improving, but it never really got much bigger than shoulder-high. Was still a fun session, especially with the revelation that I could ride Justin's board.

Aloha from Paradise,