The Bud BB Crew -- 7/11/04

Code name: BammBamm808

Date: July 16, 2004
Time: 0600 -- 0900
Spot(s): DHLH
Conditions: Firm winds, medium crowd
Swell: Mostly windswell
Surf: 1-3' Haw'n

Words: Caught a few this morning at the 'house with LGREANZ and BammBamm808. These guys are regulars on Buddy's web bulletin board. Cool that we can dialog through this media and then go out and have a surf together IRL.

Another connection was I found out that BammBamm actually glassed my new longboard. Small world.

Mostly tradewind peaks, but maybe some forerunners from the supposed south swell. Wasn't great, but it was still pretty fun. Looking forward to tomorrow morning when the swell should mature.

Code name: LGREANZ

Code name: Other surfers

Code name: LGREANZ

Aloha from Paradise,