Fragility -- 7/17/04

Rich and Neal (with the fragile board), Bud foto

Date: July 17, 2004
Time: 0600 -- 0930
Spot(s): Semi-secret spot
Conditions: Firm winds, medium crowd
Swell: Inconsistent ssw swell
Surf: 2-3'+ Haw'n

Words: Went out to semi-secret spot with Rich, Bud and Makani. Wasn't very good. Kind of long waits followed by a set with lots of waves. Wasn't really working at the spot--maybe too windy (ie stormy).

Tried out my new longboard from Makani for the first time. Worked like a charm. However, found out later that I creased it in two places and put a dent in the bottom. Damn!

I did feel a bit apprehensive about using the board in the first place because it felt so fragile. Guess my fears were realized. Part of the learning process I guess to see what works and what doesn't for me. Next time I'll put a thicker glass on the deck.

Neal, bud foto

The tow boat

Buddy on the left


The inside wave



Aloha from Paradise,