Unmemorable and Tourmaline in SD -- 7/22/04

Like marble

Date: July 22, 2004
Time: 0500 -- 0645, 1730 -- 1900
Spot(s): W/S, Tourmaline
Conditions: Light winds, more crowded
Swell: Inconsistent ssw swell, still with a touch of nw
Surf: 2-4'+ California scale

Words: Surfed again in the early morning. For some reason, it wasn't very memorable (actually, I can't remember many details of the session). I do recall that it was quite glassy and somewhat smaller than the previous days.

That evening, I went over to Tom's house and asked if I could swap boards. Gave him the new leash too. Since the surf was on the way down, I asked if I could borrow his big board to do a little noseriding. He obliged by lending me his 9'4" Windansea Murphy board. Stoked!

Later, I met up with Jeff, a coworker from San Diego. I don't know how he fit his tanker in his little Miata. We went to Tourmaline for some longboarding action. Had a fun time, although the swell was noticeably down even from the morning.

Afterwards we proceeded to a Pacific Beach watering hole to just talk story. Got "moonburned" in the bar, so I went home to unwind, in prep for work the next day.

Aloha from Paradise,