Executive Privilege in SD -- 7/24/04

Small, but clean

Date: July 24, 2004
Time: 0700 -- 1030
Spot(s): W/S
Conditions: Light winds, only a few guys out
Swell: Tiny mix of ssw and nw
Surf: 1-3' California scale

Words: Very small surf, but since it was my last day and I had most of the morning, I decided to jump in. Wanted to surf at San Onofre with the alt.surfing.longboard crew, but nobody wanted to play. So I settled on good old W/S.

At least there was virtually no crowd--mostly younger guys apparently skipping school. However, a couple of these kids were punks who were obviously not all there. They were actually hassling me, first whispering about my longboard, then innocently tossing things (kelp bulbs) at me, and even yelling while I was riding something like, "Go back to Clairemont." WTF!?!

Finally, another kid (their friend) paddled up to me and said that his friend (one of the two perps) wanted to know if I was from (I had my disposable camera wrapped around my neck). I took the opportunity and paddled up to the two guys, right into their faces. Asked them pointblank in as demanding a voice that I could muster, "What brah, you like ask me something?"

You could almost see them backpedaling as I approached them, hesitant on what to do next--that cracked me up. Cautiously, they asked what I was going to do with the photos. I told them that it was for my personal website and that I was sensitive to the localism there.

This kind of eased they guys up a bit. They thought that I was going to "expose" the break more than it already has been (pretty funny really, considering that it is one of the most populous spots along the coast).

The kids were tripping on my board. I told them I borrowed it from my good friend (the famous) Tom Tweed, who is in the Windansea Surf Club. They were like, "Dude, that board gives you executive privilege, man." I just had to chuckle to myself.

Anyway, after a while, I had to bail. Had another great time in San Diego thanks to the surf and thanks to the surfers (and alt.surfers). As I've always said, paradise is where you find it.

Aloha from Paradise,