Hooked -- 10/24/04

Small, but fun

Date: October 24, 2004
Time: 0600--0945
Spot(s): Rocky Rights
Conditions: Very light trades, medium crowd
Swell: Tiny NE swell
Surf: 1 to an occasional 3' Haw'n

Words: Only a micro-NE swell forecast so went out to the North Shore with low expectations. Waves were waist-chest high on average. Started off with no one out, but quickly ballooned to over 30 guys and gals in the lineup.

Although the surf was small, it punchy with nice pockets and a few carvable walls over a quite shallow reef. When I did luck into waves, I was having a fun time. Even though the wave faces were small, the power was still there.

Met up Surfer9joe from Buddy's bulletin board, and we talked story little bit. Always neat to meet people IRL.

After one small-kine wipeout, I gathered my board and made my way back out. But for some reason I felt burdened a little. Soon realized that my leash was snagged on something, maybe a branch. When I got off my board, I found to my dismay that I had tangled myself up on a fisherman's line.

I thought it was pretty humorous as I slowly tried to untangle the mess. The guy had a damashi setup (multiple hooks), so it was not easy. Also, my pulling must've rung the fisherman's bell because he was on the other side trying to reel me in. Eventually, I managed to untangle the line and let go of his 1-ounce lead with a twang.

Later a bunch of longboarders came out to the lineup. They were quite obviously not too familiar with this steeper type of wave and blew more than a few takeoffs. I was paddling out after a ride when two of them tried taking off on the same wave. The deeper guy backed out, only to be sucked over. He bailed his board which shot right over me. On the recoil of the leash, his fins raked across my back as his board worked its way back to its owner. More irritated than angry or hurt, I just glowered back and silently went about my own business.

Eventually, the waves dwindled down and the onshore flow kicked up, so I decided to call it a day. Low expectations made the session pretty fun. Pretty funny being hooked not once but twice. But it's all good.

Aloha from Paradise,