Best Ride First -- 10/30/04

Our Peruvian friend, styling

Date: October 30, 2004
Time: 0600--0930
Spot(s): Rocky Rights
Conditions: Light trades, growing crowd
Swell: Small swell that seemed to come from the NNW
Surf: 2-3'+ Haw'n

Words: Hooked up with Buddy and Rich for a North Shore run. No place was really showing so we settled on our latest default of Rocky Rights. Overcast skies, but the winds were offshore and there was a lingering NNW pulsing in.

My first ride was definitely my best. Late takeoff on a slightly overhead peak with the shortboard; styled a soul-arch bottom turn around the crumble; set up for a bowling inside section; got fully barreled for a second; came out screaming.

The rest of the session was fun, but the increasing crowd and inconsistent surf made it a bit frustrating as the morning wore on. Buddy and Rich both snagged some really nice ones, with Buddy working more on the inside towards Gas Chambers and Rich focusing on the peak closer to Rocky Lefts.

Saw a bunch of acquaintances that we knew by face. Good to see familiar faces that we typically only see during the winter.

Ended up taking forever to catch my last wave in. Still, that first wave made it all worthwhile.

Aloha from Paradise,