Wanting Pipe -- 12/17/04

Not Pipe, but still fun

Date: December 17, 2004
Time: 1015 -- 1215
Spot(s): L's to J's
Conditions: Variables to onshore seabreezes
Swell: Surprisingly a lot of west
Surf: 5-7+' Haw'n

Words: Checked out the Pipeline Masters in the early morning. Conditions were absolutely pristine with perfect waves pushing through. I was fortunate to talk story with a lot of old friends, especially Ben Aipa who I sat with for about an hour. Snagged a couple of contest tees from Randy Rarick and headed out to catch a few for myself.

Ended up at L's where the surf was clean, but just a bit funky. Paddled over to H's and on to J's with my bodyboard, savoring some of the big peaks and exciting weirdness. Good fun, but I would've rather gotten a few at Pipe. Maybe next time.

Aloha from Paradise,