The Power -- 2/6/05

Nice to be back in the water

Date: February 6, 2005
Time: 0615--0815, 0830--1015
Spot(s): Pipe, Himirights
Conditions: Light offshore
Swell: Where's the wnw swell?
Surf: 2-4'+ Haw'n

Words: After three weeks of being out of comission, I finally got the chance to get wet. A new wnw was expected to arrive overnight, but it just didn't seem to happen.

Did the predawn patrol at Pipe with a whole slew of bodyboarders, including my friend Herman. It was so nice being out, engaged with nature once again. However, my bodyboarding left much to be desired. Also, I was getting dropped in on left and right. That, coupled with inconsistent waves led to a bit of frustration.

Talking story with Herman, he agreed with me that the surf seems to rise with the rising sun. "We need the power!" both of us chanted in the dark.

Went looking elsewhere for surf, and found some at a very unusual place. At a place where there are typically mountainous lefts, we found a molehill right that was actually kinda fun. I busted out my fun gun and caught some neat ones all the way into the shallow inside section.

Aloha from Paradise,