Myles and Jim -- 3/2/05

Jim, always very consistent along this part of the coastline

Date: March 2, 2005
Time: 0745--1000
Spot(s): "Noll's Reef"
Conditions: Sunny, but slightly bumpy
Swell: Declining combo swell with lots of north
Surf: 3-4' Haw'n

Words: Took some time off to get wet before work. Had a hunch that this spot might be working after the big swell the day before. Out of convenience decided to bodyboard, and had a fun time.

Good surfing with old friend Myles and old acquaintance Jim, who were dominating as usual. Other surfers were more passive and less experienced. Neat to talk to a surfer from, of all places, Germany!

I managed to catch some very long rides with some fun, open faced turns and spins. Great way to start the day!

Look carefully and you'll see a surfer under the lip backside

Jim again

Myles charging a set

Myles was riding an epoxy because he broke his regular tank the day before in large surf

Jim once again

And again

Aloha from Paradise,