In the Rain -- 3/12/05

Unknown at Backdoor

Date: March 12, 2005
Time: 0630--0730, 0830--1000
Spot(s): Pipe, RR's
Conditions: Slightly blustery and rainy, but offshore
Swell: Small, mixed up swell
Surf: 3-5' Haw'n

Words: Jumped into Pipe before the women's surfing/bodyboarding contest in the rain. It's always neat surfing in the rain. Just a different experience with the pitter-patter of rain droplets on the water. Not worried about getting wet obviously. Surf was fun at Pipe, but not exceptional.

Moved over to RR's to meet up with Buddy. He was already finishing up, deciding that he had enough and didn't want to risk it any further. Conditions were actually more intense and dangerous at RR's with semi-closeouts and a very shallow reef. However, if you caught the right one, whew!

Rode with Laks who always rips. Despite the rain, or actually because of it, this was a memorable session.

Flashing the Japanese bodyboarder

Accidental blur

Another flashy shot

The girls were cold, but stoked on thier contest

Layne Davey


Small inside wave

Backside at Backdoor

Chris Latronic pushes it


Laks at RR's

Me, Buddy foto

Getting relief from the rain

Another pocket

Aloha from Paradise,