Spongers at Maks -- 4/9/05--2

Jeff Hubbard doing a takeoff spin at Maks

Date: April 9, 2005
Time: 1030--1115 (photo shoot)
Spot(s): Makapu'u
Conditions: Onshore, short period, but surprisingly firm
Swell: Predominant tradewind swell, with a touch of north
Surf: 3-4+' Haw'n

Words: My friend Corey was planning to have an IBA Hawaii bodyboarding contest at Haleiwa on Saturday. However, looking at the forecasts, I thought that they may get skunked and suggested (on an online forum) that they consider moving the event.

Well, a few people agreed and Corey was sort of pressured to look for another venue. Through lots of hard work, he managed to secure a second permit at Makapu'u on the eastern end of the island.

The day before the event, Corey made the call--Makapu'u it was. I felt super guilty because I was the one who made the initial suggestion. Fortunately, the surf was small out on the North Shore -- they made the right call.

Decided to check the contest out, at the very least to show face. Small crew out there, but they were very enthusiastic and stoked on bodyboarding. Surf looked somewhat disorganized, but was actually had pretty good form (especially considering it was mostly windswell). The boys and girls were making the most of it.

A long time ago, I remember the dream of the competitive bodyboarding community was the contests would be judged by bodyboarders. Well, this one was. Kainoa McGee, Kaui Kauhi, Joe Kelling and ??? all firmly legitimized the competition with their judging.

I relished the opportunity to jump into the water. Even though the water was jumbled up a bit, the energy was so invigorating. I didn't want to leave. However, the choice to leave was not mine. Fricken battery ran out after only a couple of heats. At least Hubb and Tamega were out while I was there.

Stoked on the enthusiasm of the people there. Although bodyboarding is really at a low, the people there were dedicated to the sport. Hopefully, we'll continue to see lots of spongers at Maks for years to come.

Aloha from Paradise,