Fishing in SD -- 7/13/05

Good fishing conditions

Date: July 13, 2005
Time: 1630--1830
Spot(s): W/S
Conditions: Side-onshore, but fairly smooth
Swell: Mixed swell
Surf: 4-6' faces

Words: Work once again led me to San Diego. After my quite interesting planning conference, I made a beeline to La Jolla, where I met up with my good friend, surfing icon Bill Andrews. Always generous and giving, Bill loaned me his 6'0" fish board. With a bit of excitement and apprehension, I once again entered the arena that is W/S.

There seemed to be a firm westerly swell (windswell?) coming in, intersecting with the rising southerly groundswell. Winds were side-onshore and tide was high. All this conspired for some peaky, crumbly action with the crowd spread out.

I was my usual kook self, but managed to catch a few fun ones. Couldn't really find the sweet spot of the board, but oh well.

Coming in, I of course got berated by BA for my prowess (or lack thereof). Well deserved I might add.

Aloha from Paradise,