Dealing with the Flatness -- 8/21/05

Half Point fun

Date: Aug 21, 2005
Time: 0700--0930
Spot(s): Sandys
Conditions: Light trades and sunny
Swell: Small tradewind swell
Surf: 1-2’ Haw’n

Words: August has been an incredibly small month, with virtually no overhead surf. Ah, the summer doldrums.

Went to Sandys to play in the shorebreak. First went out at Middles and got grated by the chunks of coral and shells on the shoreline. Remembered why I don’t like to ride the shorebreak after getting sand stuck in every orifice and some near injuries from hitting the sand.

Moved over to Half-Point where it was actually pretty fun. Small kine tubelets once in a while. My most memorable wave was this one double up where I took off on the back wave which threw a little, then hopped down to the second level where I got in the pocket again. Neat.

After getting my share, I shot some photos from the shore. Back at Middles there was a crew of kids just having a blast. They had a little photo shoot going on, and were just pulling in, trying to stand on their bodyboards, and doing some pretty impressive boogieskimming. That’s what it’s all about, having fun.

Aloha from Paradise,