Remnants of Jova -- 9/23/05

In the messiness, there were moments of brilliance

Date: Sep 23, 2005
Time: 0600--0900
Spot(s): Sandy Beach
Conditions: Messy with side-onshores
Swell: Short period east swell
Surf: 2-4' Haw'n

Words: As this year's mini El Nino continued, a conga line of hurricanes rolled west from Mexico to Hawaii. First in line was Hurricane Jova, which looked to provide us with some rare east swell.

Well, as luck would have it (for better or for worse), the hurricane dissipated and left us with just a bit of swell. A triathlon barred us from Diamond Head, so the alternative was Sandy Beach.

Nothing special in the way of waves out there. A passing front messed things up. But there were a few moments of magic. Even the remnants of Jova provided.

Aloha from Paradise,