B & C Teams -- 1/20/06

Party wave!

Date: January 20, 2006
Time: 0630--0930
Spot(s): PL/BD
Conditions: Light offshores, but cloudy and small-kine rain
Swell: Dropping NW
Surf: 3-6' Haw'n

Words: Talk of the lineup was how mental it was yesterday, with the 8-12' Haw'n swell holding off of Second Reef and unloading on the inside. This morning, the surf had come down big time (thankfully!). Because of that, along with the clouds/rains, only the B and C teams were out (except for Tamayo). (Btw, I'm on the D-team.) Still had some really good waves to be had. Nothing stellar for me, but at least the vibe was mellow out there.

Aloha from Paradise,