Moonlight and Hiram -- 2/12/06

Pipe was good in the moonlight

Date: February 12, 2006
Time: 0545--1000
Spot(s): PL & PP
Conditions: Light offshores and clean
Swell: Slightly warped from multiple swells
Surf: 3-5'+ Haw'n Words:

Caught some in the moonlight at Pipe. Multiple swells threw some peaks. Little bit smaller than yesterday, but plenty size for me.

Afterwards went to "secret" cove with friend (Danny Z!) for some longboard action. Super crowded with lots of logs out there.

On the way out , I saw old friend Hiram! He was riding a twin fin at "Inside-Outside PPs."

Funny about Hiram--he and his crew look so "local." Hiram was sporting a board with "Da Hui" written in big letters. My friend from Central Cal, a full on skinny, sunburnt haole, kind of tripped on them. But Hiram is just pure aloha.

Aloha from Paradise,