Twice Fishing (SD) -- 5/25/06

Me at W/S, photo and commentary by Bill Andrews

Date: May 25, 2006
Time: 0530--0700, 1700-1930
Spot(s): "Secret spot" in La Jolla
Conditions: Cloudy, funky, peaky
Swell: Late season short period nw swell
Surf: 4-6' Cali scale

Words: Once again went to San Diego for business. Had the opportunity to hit the water before and after work. Love the place.

Bill Andrews generously loaned me one of his fish boards. Pukas all over the place, taped up, but worked so well for me I threatened to steal the board.

Morning crowd was fairly light, with decent conditions. Evening sesh was more crowded and sloppy.

Like an idiot, I brought my old wetsuit with the bad zipper. Ended up having an equipment breakdown and got pushed into the rocks in front of the shack, feeling a bit like Gumby. Looked like a real amateur out there (showing my true colors).

Aloha from Paradise,