Burn 2 (SD) -- 7/12/06

Half-man burning

Date: July 12, 2006
Time: dawn patrol and evening sesh
Spot(s): W/S
Conditions: Sunny and clean
Swell: boost in the south
Surf: better than the day before

Words: The infamous BA dawned it with me, showing me his traditional W/S aloha. Of course, Bill proceeded to burn his own friend on the set of the morning. I'm in the impact zone, taking the picture and laughing. I must've learned this skill from him.

In the evening, I hooked up with fellow sponger Ben and we had some fun in the shorebreak. Ben was showing his versatility, bodysurfing with a McDonald's tray. Me, I was running through the waders, snagging a few little nuggets. Good friends, good times.

Aloha from Paradise,