OB Cruising (SD) -- 7/14/06

There were some punch on the small waves

Date: July 14, 2006
Time: dawn patrol
Spot(s): OB
Conditions: Semi-smooth under the morning marine layer
Swell: Small south
Surf: Fun sandbar action

Words: After "avoiding" fellow alt.surfer George Barnes for many years, I finally made it a point to meet up with him. Went to SCs at predawn. What a series of setups! So much potential. But it wasn't to be on that day, with small conditions prevailing.

GB was there, all 6'6" of him. We talked story for a while, then eventually decided to check out OB instead. The southerly pulse was coming in OK, so we headed out.

George seemed to know everyone in the lineup, calling each of them by their nickname. Howdy Doody and New Guy were good guys and decent surfer. Funny that they didn't hassle George more about being a kneelo.

George was pretty good stuffing his large frame in the small tubes. Maybe I should give kneeboarding a try.

Me, I had a good time with BA's fish. I'm not very good going left, but managed to tag a few fun ones. Always a good time getting in the water with some friends.

The marine layer burned off just as we exited the water, turning into a beautiful day. Too bad I had to go to work. As a parting shot, George shared with me some great poster shots from his cache of surf photos. At least I got the chance to finally meet up with the elusive GB.

Aloha from Paradise,