Cruising with Fabe -- 2/11/07

Conditions were fun!

Date: February 11, 2007
Time: 0615--0930
Spot(s): OTW-Pupes
Conditions: Clean
Swell: Small nw
Surf: 2-3' Haw'n

Words: Went out on my fake fish to the Ehukai area and roamed around with Fabe. Actually had a really round one at BD--as it shut down, for the first time I bailed in front of my board! Went to OTW--got a couple. Most of the day I was pretty much floundering, trying to catch waves. Finally moved over to Ehukai/Pupes where there were small waves with lots of push. I couldn't catch anything there too. Oh well, at least got some exercise.

Aloha from Paradise,