"You saw that?" -- 5/27/07

There were a few nuggets

Date: May 27, 2007
Time: 0630--0915
Spot(s): D-Head
Conditions: Sometimes clean, sometimes very windy
Swell: Tradewind wrap with a some small southerly pulses
Surf: 1-3' Haw'n

Words: Mediocre session, but still fun. Surfed with Buddy at our default Town spot.

Buddy's becoming quite the shaper/glasser/sander, showing me a couple of sweet boards of his. Good surfer/good shaper is a dangerous combo (like our friend Makani).

I was tired from Friday, but still had a fun time. After a free fall wipeout, I turned it around with a set wave, thowing in a few turns. Buddy complimented me on it, stating it was a good comeback from the wipeout. "You saw that?" I stupidly asked. Well, I guess it was better that he saw both waves rather than just the first one. :-)

Aloha from Paradise,