Working the Legs at Sandys -- 5/28/07

Chambers is fun

Date: May 28, 2007
Time: 0715--0900
Spot(s): Sandys
Conditions: Light side-offshores
Swell: Mostly tradewind swell
Surf: 1-3' Haw'n

Words: Rode my fish the past couple of days and felt like I'd been neglecting my legs and gluts from a proper workout. Decided to do a little bodyboarding at Sandys for a short sesh.

Surf started off real small, with a weak tradewind swell coming in. However, as the morning progressed, it did get better, with some decent waves peaking in.

As planned, I paddled around between Half Point and Gas Chambers, catching a few here and there as I went around. Got a couple of good closeout barrels, especially at Chambers. Also had a hard landing on my shoulder on a relatively tiny wave--reminder that we are never in total control.

Legs got the required workout; I got a bit of stoke. Happy Memorial Day all.

Aloha from Paradise,