HI Surf Advisory


Pipeline/Ehukai area -- October 1, 1995

Swell prediction was wrong this weekend (what's new). A four foot NW swell was supposed to hit Saturday afternoon. I decided to go out Sunday morning, and was met with one foot dribble. Forecasters pushed back the arrival of the swell to late Sunday. Don't know if it hit.

The most interesting thing I saw was that they rerouted the detours at the ends of Haleiwa. Will they open the bypass soon? Check back for the latest.

I brought my 9' 0" out to the Pipeline shorebreak area. Although it wasn't quite two feet, I still took some dirty lickings on the reef. ALWAYS respect the ocean.

The surf seemed to be picking up just a tad, so it may have hit after all. Conditions weren't ideal, with 15-25 mph trades kicking it up. I left early --- had familial obligations to take care of. Hope it gets good next week.

Aloha from paradise,
Neal "Da Sponge" Miyake

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