HI Surf Advisory


Barber's Point -- October 7, 1995

Surf on the North Shore supposed to rise to four feet in the afternoon, so dawn-patrolled it to Barber's Point. For those of you unfamiliar with the spot, it's on the south side of the island and you need a govt id to get on base.

Barber's Point is a peeler of a wave that is like Waikiki's Canoes on a bad day. Waves break and reform several times and there are lots of soft spots--it's a longboard wave.

The surf looked good from the shore, about two feet, but when I got out, it sucked. Made the most of it and caught a few decent faces with my 9' 0".

Pipeline/Ehukai area -- October 9, 1995

Biggest news today--the Haleiwa bypass is OPEN! It's great--should help with the North Shore traffic esp when the suf gets big. Don't forget to go through Haleiwa on your way back--the businesses are already feeling the impact from the diversion.

Saturday's swell never showed, but it was supposed to get bigger early this morn. Cracked it again at Ehukai, but was met with one-to-two footers with stiff easterly trades. It was pretty much a wind swell. Had a few fun ones bodyboarding but it wasn't great. Might come up to five feet today (Tuesday), but that's what they were saying all weekend.

The winter is still young. Still, I hope it gets better soon.

Aloha from paradise,
Neal "Da Sponge" Miyake

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