HI Surf Advisory


Pipeline/Ehukai area -- October 21, 1995

Friday was supposed to be ten feet, but only got up to a little over six.

I dawn-patrolled Pipe/Backdoor on Saturday and found it two-to-three feet and glassy, with a north and west low. As the morning progressed, it got over four feet, but it got crowded and the trades picked up.

Hooked up with my fellow netsurfer/bodyboarder jleo. He goes big.

As for myself, the session was fun, but not exceptional. The crowds really got to me, along with a bit of fatigue rom getting caught inside ouple of times.

I did score a bowling three footer at Backdoor. The drop was easy, and I trimmed for quite a while till this aunching section came up. I connected pretty well, and had a great view of the reef and boils below. Rather than take my chances landing in three feet of water, I bailed, just scuffing my Vipers.

Some small swells are due this week. Also, the Bud Tour is at Maili/Makaha.

Aloha from paradise,
Neal "Da Sponge" Miyake

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