Denied in PR -- 12/3/96

After work, Jerry and I decided to hit it back to the Pinones area. The drive was tortuously slow--it took about an hour to traverse maybe six miles. Traffic can get insane here.

Actually, the reason why it was so slow was because the road just before Pinones had been flooded by water and sand from a tidal and surf surge.

When we finally arrived, we were greeted with windblown closeouts. No one was out in the treacherous conditions and we didn't want to be the loco gringos that drowned there. Pass. We scoured the coastline back up to Old San Juan in search of something rideable, but only saw huge reefbreaks a half mile offshore.

Ended up going home without even touching the water. In frustration (and to burn off some built-up adrenaline) I decided to do the hotel fitness center (a good idea), then jog around San Juan at 10:30 pm (a very very bad idea).

Aloha from Paradiso,