Rincon (PR) Found! -- 12/4/96

Decided to head out to Rincon straight after work in search on an evening session. Started with a white-knuckled Mario Andretti race, weaving in and out of trucks, toll booths and the Policia.

We got pretty lost in the backroads near Rincon, but finally stumbled upon the Domes/Indicators/Marias coast (we used a map found on the Net from West Coast Surf Shop of Rincon. It was breaking pretty good--really nice setup for the winter swells, with the rights wrapping across the coast.

Caught a few long ones in the clean head-high surf. This part of PR is fairly well-protected by the predominant tradewinds, making it the premiere surf area of the island. If conditions are right, it looks like you can get a really long ride along the coast. The potential was incredible.

We only could surf for a half hour before it got dark, but made the most of the journey. What's in a name?

Aloha from another Rincon,

Photo by Steve Fitzpatrick