Down Time in PR -- 12/9-11/96

12/9/96. Had a late evening sesh at Condados. Turned out to be more fun than I expected. It was waist-high shorebreak. We were the only ones there, and surfed well into the evening.

It got really dark, but we were pleasantly surprised by some floodlights that were turned on for us by the adjacent condo. The milky surf seemed to have no depth, making it extremely difficult to judge distances. Got a bit used to it, though, and ended up staying in the water till 7:30.

Got the nose flushed several times, the kind where you can feel granules of sand in your eye socket. This probably contributed to my being sick right now. Bummers. Looks like a swell is on the way in.

Jerry was so stoked to get his first in-and-out tube. His smile and enthusiasm is infectious. Too bad we all weren't like him more of the time.

12/10/96. Did not surf. Just went to work. Too sick. No surf. Pray for surf, pray for health.

12/11/96. After work, checked out La Paret on the east side. Decent beachbreak, but it was blown and good sized. Ended up at Condado and did the shorebreak boogie. Tomorrow is our last day here--hope the swell arrives.

Aloha from Condados,