Wedgies -- 4/6/97

So there I was at Disneyland, the "Happiest Place on Earth." I was on vacation with the family, trying to get some R&R.

Unfortunately, like most surfers, it was hard to get the ocean out of my mind. I decided to make a run to the coast, just to get a glimpse of the Pacific. Since Anaheim is near Newport, why not check out the infamous Wedge? I wanted to see what all the fighting was for.

The wife and kid took the usual afternoon nap, so I excused myself and blasted down to the coast. The drive lead me on a couple of freeways, and through a classy residential area at the end of the peninsula.

I had no idea what was happening in the water, so when I ran onto the sand, I was stoked to see some swell. Although it was small, the break was doing its thing, bouncing off the jetty and "wedging" into a really cool peak.

There were a couple of surfers, four bodyboarders and a lone bodysurfer in the lineup. Taking off on this wave looked like a piece of cake, as most were wading in thigh-deep water, waiting for the small side-wave. Once on, they just rode it out until it connected and jacked with the main peak. Looked like fun.

However, you never really knew what to expect as the wave rolled and built up. I couldn't imagine the insanity on a big swell, but I could see why it is such a coveted wave. Wish I could've surfed it, but there'll be other opportunities.

Rushing back to my hotel, I was greeted by... traffic. California Dreamin? No California Reality!

P.S. I told my buddy Rick Ciaccio that I checked it out, and he was pissed that I didn't call and visit. Sorry Rick, but like I told you, time was of the essence. We can break bread another time, Vipers required, but Speedos optional!

Aloha from the Happiest Place on Earth,