Caress -- 5/17/97

The day before one of my work trips, I was stoked to find a yellow tag stuck on my door. The Custom X bodyboard I had special ordered had arrived.

After running to the post office with my 20 month old Curious Georgette, daughter Taryn, I tore into the box and found... perfection!

Hereís the specs: length--42", width--21.25", nose--11", tail--18", thickness--2.5", core--Xercell, rails--60/40 w/ Volara inners, deck--TCD, bottom--Surlyn, shape--standard template with bat-tail and channels. Compact, firm and sweet!

I gingerly stroked the edgeless seams and checked out the gentle rocker. I went through all the standard rituals: the tail-in-the-abs length check, the two arm flex-check pull, the mock mid-air carve, the under-the-arm board heft. It felt great!

New boards are always very special. All the dreams of performing better in big, clean, and even uncrowded surf are bundled into this immaculate object of affection. Could this be my next magic board? Only time will tell.

However, Taryn was unimpressed. All she wanted to do was plop her butt on the board and smile. Maybe she was trying to tell us that she wanted to go bodyboarding again! I think itís time I taught her how to say, "Let's go surfing, Daddy!"

Aloha from Paradise,