Mixed Plate
Ala Moana Beach Cleanup -- 6/30/07

Andy Baldwin (Bachelor), Eric (actor 24), Jill Cunniff (Luscious Jackson), Matty Liu (promoter), Singh Birdsong (musician)

1,2: Jumped in the water at 4:45 AM. Surf was smaller than expected, with dual swells crossing up the waves. Of course, as always is the case for me, soon after I got out of the water, it started firing.

3,4: Even the lesser known spots like Bamburas were lighting up.

5,6: Ala Moana Bowls was happening, but I missed shooting the better waves--only got these to show.

7: Afterwards, Barefoot Wine and the Surfrider Foundation held a Beach Rescue Project at Ala Moana Beach Park. Some of our friends at Barefoot, including Jake Wheatley (center).

8: Surfrider's Scott Werny (left) and Laura Mazzarella (center) helped coordinate the cleanup.

9: Andy Baldwin (the Bachelor) provided some star support (all the girls were falling in love).

10: Surfer/actor/promoter Matty Liu also lended a hand.

11: Andy Baldwin (the Bachelor), Eric Balfour (actor in 24, TCM), Jill Cunniff (singer from Luscious Jackson), "Hollywood" Matty Liu (surf dude), and Singh Birdsong (musician/singer).

12: Stoked to have lots of volunteers willing to lend a hand! (most of any of the nation's Beach Rescue events)

13: Afterwards, there was a "Barefoot Celebration" at Local Motion Waikiki's Brew Moon (of MTV Real World Hawaii fame), hosted by Barefoot Wine.

14: Jill Cunniff and Singh Birdsong play for the appreciative crowd.

15: Ken Bradshaw and Matty Liu


Aloha from Paradise,